Love is NOT An Emotion



What’s the opposite of ‘Love?’

I hear you ALL shout ‘Hate.’ Right?

Schools and books taught us that hate is the opposite of love. I used to believe it. But just a few days back, when I was in meeting with myself (that I do frequently). I realized that love has no opposites.

Here I’m going to put what I believe. These are my own beliefs and you have all the rights to disagree with me. Probably you find it impractical and it won’t make any sense for you. But this is what I find real.

Love is not an emotion

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Or

Have you ever seen a person or a thing that has made your mind speechless?

You feel a stillness inside you. There’s a gap occurs in the flow of your thoughts. You don’t feel your mind for some moments. In these moments, there are only love, joy, and peace.

Love is not just an emotion. It’s a deeper level of your inner state. If we want to feel the love and go beyond the emotions, we must free ourselves from mind control. We have to stop being slaves of our mind.

What does the word emotionmean?

The word comes from the Latin “emovere” that means “To disturb.” So emotion means disturbance.

Love doesn’t create the disturbance, it creates joy and inner peace. If it makes you suffer, it’s not LOVE.

Love NEVER makes you suffer

Recently I was scrolling on Quora and came across a question:

“What’s the dark side of love?”

It made me think. Love gives us joy, not suffering and pain. “Then why we feel pain or hatred?” I hear you ask.

Because of Pleasure.

Within a normal relationship, we feel pleasure, NOT joy. Both are difference. Joy arises within you, whereas pleasure generated from something outside you.

If you have money that gives you pleasure today will give you pain tomorrow when you lost it. Or a person whose presence gives you pleasure will leave you, so his/her absence will give you pain.

We suffer because we find a relationship pleasurable and exciting for a while. Love doesn’t make you suffer.

You can’t hate a person you love (no matter if the person is with you or not). Love NEVER turns into hate. Set the person free you love and free yourself from your mind. It’s your mind that plays tricks on you. Watch it closely.

If you’re in a relationship (even it’s not serious), you probably experience some moments when you feel something genuine, pure and joyful. And when these glimpses disappeared you feel like you lost something precious. But your mind convince you that it’s just an illusion and you believe it.

The truth is: It’s real. It’s a part of your natural state. Your mind can hide it, but mind can’t destroy this state. it’s still there on the other side.

Be the Love.

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