Freelancing Journey: 2 Successful Freelancers Share Their Stories


Want to start your freelancing journey? Want to have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime?

It’s time to take the first step into becoming a freelancer. But always remember ONE thing:

Becoming a successful freelancer takes a lot of efforts, strong skill set, and open to learn from others.

To give you some inspiration, I reached out to two successful freelancers (and my dear friends) – Himani Kankaria and Vagisha Arora.

I asked them to share their freelancing journey and how they became their own bosses!


Himani Kankaria – A Creative Writing Keeda


Who’s she?

Himani Kankaria is a Creative Keeda at eComKeeda, an independent content writing and marketing consultant, and a brand ambassador of Hootsuite. She has 8+ years of combined experience in content, SEO, and complete digital marketing. With her content writing and marketing strategies, she has helped businesses with more than 800% growth in traffic and more than 200% growth in conversions. 

Himani shares her knowledge, experience, and expertise with fellow content writers and marketers on various social media platforms and even on Twitter chats such as #SEOTalk, #SEMrushchat, and #ContentWritingChat.

How The Journey Began

I am a BCA graduate who didn’t love coding and wanted to do something that can help me without coding and MATHS (yes, it’s true).

So, I took a small course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from an Ahmedabad-based SEO training and services provider.

After serving SEO and social media clients for over 4.5 years, I found writing interesting. With my freelance content writing services, I help businesses to achieve more than 800% growth in traffic and more than 200% growth in conversions.


For more than 5 years, I am writing content in every industry, every domain. A few of my niches include- Technology, Marketing, Ecommerce, Cryptocurrency, Automobile, Chemicals, Interior Design, Footwear, Real Estate, and everything that needs deep research.

Turning Point

I am in the Digital Marketing industry for the past 8+ years. After Google’s Panda and Penguin update, it was difficult for businesses to get high-quality content. So, I started writing content and my content was helping businesses to generate traffic. 

After a year of my writing experience, I tried using my SEO experience in my content and to my surprise, my content started ranking on Page 1 of Google US and even on the featured snippets. 

I made a strategy around the content that I was planning to write and that strategy worked exactly how I expected it to be. The website started showing amazing results. That’s it, there was no stopping of writing super-duper quality content and generating unbelievably high-quality leads.


Here are a few lessons that freelance content writing has taught me:

  • Never compromise on quality as it will help you earn high paying clients.
  • Learn to document everything from content requests to whom you’ve delivered.
  • Create a timesheet to ensure you’re not wasting your time on unimportant tasks.
  • Develop your own invoicing terms based on the comfortability and industry standards.
  • Learn to say NO.

My Advice for Freelancers

Going freelance is not easy. You need to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared before going freelance.

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Vagisha Arora – One of India’s Top Content Writers


Who’s she?

Vagisha was featured in Top 4 trustable writers of India (2019). She has got published on renowned platforms like Shiksha, Bonobology, Campusghanta, Medium and more. Find more about her on her personal blog

How the Journey Began

I stumbled upon doing freelancing back in my graduation days. I got an opportunity to write on literature-oriented topics like summaries of famous novels and plays. Till then, freelancing was unexplored territory for me. It was all new and exciting and I got paid for it as well. That is how I got started in freelance writing. 


I started exploring myself in other niches as well and constant encouragement and support from my family and friends helped me to shape my career.

“The journey has been fulfilling since then. After all, nothing can be better than working according to your own timelines on projects you are interested in.”

It is a great feeling to write to inspire, motivate and educate those around you. For me, the purpose is solved if I succeed in transforming the life of even one person through my words. Writing is therapeutic for me. 

Nothing can be more liberating than penning down the thoughts on a piece of paper. I am in love with what I do because writing satiates my hunger and feeds my soul.

The Turning Point

The turning point in my life was the transition from part-time to full-time freelancer. Yes, I did quit my 9-5 job to pursue my passion. What really inspired me to take this decision was my inner desire to experiment with my life and explore more opportunities in writing.

My Advice for Freelancers

  • Currently, market is saturated with writers who are just pursuing freelancing in pursuit of earning money. 
  • My advice to each and every freelancer out there is that you need to hone your skills and cultivate a real passion for writing. 
  • Work hard on your portfolio to build your credibility in the market. The money will flow at the right time but you need to be patient. 
  • Also, writing is more than just website content and blogs. Explore yourself in other versatile areas like creating brochures, promotional emailers, infographics, whitepapers, etc which can help you stand out in the crowd among thousands of other writers.

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Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you find these freelance journeys inspiring? Or want me to share your freelancing journey in my next article?

Just drop your thoughts in the comment section below! Thanks for listening to my stories!

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