Freelancing Journey: 2 Successful Freelancers Share Their Stories


Want to start your freelancing journey? Want to have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime? It’s time to take the first step into becoming a freelancer. But always remember ONE thing: Becoming a successful freelancer takes a lot of efforts, strong skill set, and open to learn from others. To give you some inspiration, […]

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30 Freelancing Tools and Resources That Will Make Your Work Easy [A Freelancer Guide]

freelancing tools

Freelancers have to take care of their project management, finances, and managing their time. It’s not all about rainbows! The upside? There are a ton of tools, apps, resources, and blogs available to help freelancers in their journey. The downside? It can be hard and overwhelming to find the right tools for you. You have […]

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Onboarding New Clients and Get Paid On Time [A Freelancer Guide]

onboard new clients

The best news for freelancers is: “When their proposal got accepted.” So much excitement, right? Onboarding new clients can be a tough job if you don’t have a proper system. A process makes the entire process easy and saves a lot of time. In my early days, I didn’t have any onboarding process and I […]

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How Much Money Should You Charge For a Freelancing Project? [A Freelancer Guide]

freelancing rates

The MONSTER question that every new freelancer asks…  Hold on tight! “How much money I should charge and how to decide my freelancing rates?” The most confusing question, right? Before you start reading the article, it’s IMPORTANT that you understand that there’s no perfect formula or any rules to pricing. No false promises, baby! Boom! […]

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7 Terrible Sales Email Phrases You Should Stop Writing Today


“Pawan, what do I do to make my sales emails more effective? What do you recommend?” I get asked this question pretty regularly from my sales and marketing friends and colleagues. Writing sales email can be surprisingly tricky: How do I start? How do I finish? Time has changed. Buyers behaviors have changed. Probably it’s […]

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