15+ Amazing Blog Post Ideas [In 2020]

blog post ideas

Are you having trouble generating blog post ideas? Do you find yourself staring blankly at your laptop screen?

There’s no doubt about it: coming up with the right blog post ideas can be SUPER tricky.

In this guide, you’ll find 15+ proven ways to come up with dozens of blog post ideas within minutes.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Ask your Audience

One of the best (and most underestimated) ways to come up with blog post ideas is to ask your readers what they want to read.

Just send a simple email to your subscribers or create a simple Google Form to ask your audience what they would like to read about.

Post this Google Form on your social media channels as well.

Here’s how I do it:

ask audience

2. Answer The Public is a free tool that generates a list of questions related to your topic. That’s perfect for coming up with high-quality blog post ideas.

Just type your focused topic:


And after a few seconds, you’ll get a massive list of questions that people ask online.

topic ideas

You can even download the results into a CSV format. Pretty cool.

3. Buzzsumo Search

When it comes to finding blog post topic ideas, you really can’t beat BuzzSumo.

How does it work? Type a keyword in the BuzzSumo search box and hit enter.

Let’s say, I search for the “Content Marketing” keyword. And it will show you the best performing content for this keyword (with social engagement).

It also gives Evergreen Score (content is still relevant or not) to each of the content.

buzzsumo score

4. Write About the Resources/Tools You Use

It’s not easy to find the RIGHT tools or resources. Write a post that contains your favorite tools and resources that can help your audience. It gives them a sense that you’re helping them by compiling all the resources and tools in one place.

resource posts

5. Interview a Fellow Blogger/Influencer

Are there any fellow bloggers or influencers you’d like to interview for your blog? It’s a great way to provide value to your audience.

Just simply reach out to these experts and tell them if they are available for a quick interview.

Recently I did an interview with a serial entrepreneur. I simply sent a list of questions and he sent me his responses. And then I posted the complete interview on Thrive Global magazine.

interview post

6. Twitter Search

When it comes to researching topic ideas, Twitter can be your mate.

But it’s underrated.

Twitter’s advanced search is a goldmine.

Just search for your targeted keyword.

Twitter search

And you’ll get a massive list of tweets related to the keyword.


7. Popular Videos on YouTube

Just search the content that’s doing well on YouTube. And you can create a blog post, ebook, or webinar on those topics.

Let’s say if you’re in the SEO or digital marketing space, Brain Dean’s Youtube Channel is would be a great channel to keep an eye on. 

Just go to the channel and sort by “Popular”

Youtube channels

And see what’s doing best for him. Just copy the topics for your next blog post.

popular videos

8. Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a goldmine of blog post ideas. It’s like a Q&A session on Twitter.

For example, SEMrush runs a #SEMrushchat hashtags and where you can find dozens of questions and answers.

Twitter chats

9. Google Auto-complete

When you come up with a query or a topic idea, you jump to Google to search what comes up, Right?

But before you complete your query, Google gives you topic suggestions. You can use this beautiful feature of Google.

See when I search for “blogging tip”, Google gives you auto suggestions:

Auto suggestions

You can use these terms for your next blog posts.

10. Google’s “People Also Ask” Feature

Another helpful feature of Google: “People Also Ask” section

This section includes a list of questions that people often search for.

For instance, when I search for the topic “content marketing strategy”, see what questions this section contains:

people also ask

You can turn these questions into a blog post or an FAQ section.

11. Quora

Quora is one of my favorite (and effective) ways to generate blog post ideas.


Because real people are asking the questions and these questions can help you in finding a relevant topic. 

Just enter your keyword into the search box and select a topic that has a HUGE following.

Quora questions

Here you’ll see some questions, just go through the questions and you’ll get a number of topic ideas in seconds.

12. Create a Survey and Post the Results

Create your own survey, promote it, and compiled the results into a blog post. 

You can also use the charts and graphics in the report. Send the report to participants and your audience.


13. Product Hunt

Product Hunt can be your friend to get new topic ideas. PH has a growing forum called “ASK” where people ask questions (problems they are looking to solve).

Product hunt

14. Conference Talks

Want to find a fresh set of blog post ideas? 

There’s one amazing way: Conference agendas and talks.

These talks show you in-demand topics (after-all people are paying and flying for attending these conferences and learn about these topics).

Check out SEMrush conference page:

conference talks

You can see some amazing blog post ideas here.

15. Udemy Courses

Udemy is also a great platform to find topics that people are willing to pay for. 

Let’s say you run a content marketing blog. Head over to category and select “content marketing” from the menu:

udemy course

And bingo! Within a few seconds, you’ll get some amazing content ideas:

content marketing courses

16. Podcast Episodes

Podcasts are another innovative (and underrated) channel to find fresh content ideas.

Just, head over to a podcast in your niche.


Check out the episode list and within a minute, you’ll find some solid content ideas.

Podcast episodes

17. Facebook Groups

Facebook has a ton of Facebook groups and you can find groups about any topic. 

By joining your industry-related groups, you can discover what questions real people are asking and you can also ask them if there’s any specific topic they’d like to learn.

FB groups


Write a post of your favorite quotes.


19. Roundup Post

Reach out to industry experts for their take on a specific topic. Include their inputs and insights in an “X Experts Discuss…” roundup post. 

I recently did an HR roundup post:

Roundup post

Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully, these 19 blog post ideas are enough to get started. Have fun with these ideas and see what you come up with.

When it comes to finding content ideas, there are endless possibilities. What is your favorite way to find blog post ideas? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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