I Analyzed My 550+ Medium Posts. And Here’s What I Learned

Medium story

I analyzed my 550+ medium posts to better understand the world of Medium. And I uncovered some very interesting findings. Have you ever been frustrated with the response your stories get, this article can help you? I looked at the views. I looked at claps. I looked at the headings. I even looked at the […]

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Content Marketing Certification: Good Or Waste of Time?

content marketing certificate

Is content marketing certification a helpful way to learn content marketing on your own?  Or a complete waste of time?  In this guide, I’ll do a deep dive into content marketing certifications.  I’ll also suggest some of the most popular content marketing courses out there.  Let’s get started: Why Content Marketing Certifications Are Helpful In […]

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121 Guest Blogging Sites to Become a Contributor In 2020 [Updated]

guest blogging sites list

Do you want to become a contributor to reputed publications and magazines? Do you want to build an audience base? Guest blogging can help you to win the trust of your audience and build a relationship with the people in your niche. Do you want to become a guest blogging superstar? Before you put fingers […]

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How to Do Storytelling In Content: The Definitive Guide


Did you know a healthy adult takes 12 to 16 breaths in one minute? But have you ever thought about what can actually happen online in this single minute? Okay, I will give you an idea… take a look at these numbers from Smart Insights: 4 million search queries per minute 1,388 blog posts are published Facebook […]

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