A Boring Story of a “Not So Passionate Guy”

THANK YOU for visiting this page. It’s nice to meet you. I’m just a regular guy who loves writing about his work and personal experiences. I’m from India and English is NOT my first language.

My Mission is: Educate people and share the lessons I learn in my journey with amazing readers like YOU.

A little about me:

A Guy With… No Passion!

When I was a kid, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had no passion. Hell NO.

I still remember that school day when a local leader visited our school and asked one question to us: “What do you want to become in future?”







Everyone was sharing their passion and dream (I don’t know how many of them still pursuing their passion!)

My Turn… and I was scratching my head!


I said, “I don’t know. I never thought about it.”


Birth Of Side Hustler in College Days

I’ve completed my B.Tech. In 2012 when I was 20 years old (Literally!). A lot of changed in the college days, but one thing remains constant: No Passion.

I was pursuing engineering but my path was not clear. I learned many things in my college days EXCEPT engineering 🙂

I started doing part-time jobs during my college time as a tutor and online school project writing for making some extra money.

And a side hustler was born.

Confession: I never dated any girl in the college days.

No One Would Hire Me

I got rejected by 9 companies before getting my first job.

Every interview I applied for I was turned down.

I still remember the days when I felt down and defeated. I used to say to myself “No one would hire you.”

I stopped applying to jobs. I didn’t show in any interview for next 2 months.

And One day I got a call from a company and they asked me to come. And I ended up taking a job in SEO which I also knew nothing about.

I never heard the word “SEO” before. And let’s not discuss the salary. 😀

I started building my skills. Started from SEO, then content writing, then social media, then blogging, then PPC, then email marketing, and Inbound marketing.

The same companies that rejected me now approach me to do work with them. I won the long game.

I started working as a freelancer (side hustle) in the end of 2013.

How I Became a Featured Writer

I always wanted to be featured on big media publications. But I was not confident.

Every day I went to Business 2 Community publication and opened the contributor application form.

But I never hit the “Submit” button.

“What if they rejected me.” –  This thought hit my mind.

And One day I read this magical quote on the Internet:

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” – Bo Bennett

This quote inspired me to give it a try. And Finally I applied.

Guess what?

They accepted my application and I got feature on Business 2 Community.

Ive featured in many reputed publications:

featured on publications

LinkedIn is Beautiful than Jennifer Lawrence (At Least for Me!)

I still remember the days when I thought LinkedIn is a waste.

Here’s a spoiler:

My LinkedIn profile has been the single biggest contributor to my success. LinkedIn helped me to become from an average full time worker to an authority in digital marketing field.

LinkedIn gave me many freelancing opportunities and I meet amazing people here.

I try to share valuable content that can help folks on consistent basis. Recently One of my LinkedIn posts got 450K views. Read the case study here.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn and help each other.

HELL… People Are Shouting About Me!

“Pawan’s content and insights on digital marketing are refreshing in a crowded niche. His eye for detail and research are outstanding and he’s one of the voices to watch out for in the years to come.” – Meera Kothand

“Pawan is a great and quick achiever. Working with him you will receive a creative content, with a deep understanding of marketing topics. I had a great experience working together.” – Julia Aslamova

“Pawan is a very passionate writer who creates content that can invoke reader’s interest. I found his articles very well-researched and fine-tuned and also achieves high conversion value and shares.” – Megha Parikh

“Pawan Kumar consistently delivers tangible takeaways framed within the picture bigger. It’s been a pleasure publishing his stories on ART + marketing, where his contributions helped us achieve 75,000+ subscribers and hundreds of thousands of monthly reads. If you have a moment, read a story by Pawan” – David Smooke

“Pawan knows exactly how to package his marketing knowledge into a clear, concise format. To stay ahead, it’s a good idea to read this guy’s constructive material! He’s also cheery, approachable and respectful — which matters immensely in today’s fast-paced world.” – Sam Hurley

“Pawan is organized writer, a blogger with impeccable writing skills. Insights on Email Marketing are refreshing. Capable to engage audience.” – Nidhi Gupta – CEO Eglove Hightech

Here are 9 Quick “Not so Funny” Facts

  • I wrote my very first poem when I was 13.
  • Back in 2013, I almost selected into an FM radio station.
  • I’m a foodie. And if you see me somewhere just say food… I’ll turn around.
  • I’m a book lover and I read 3 books in a month.
  • My favorite movie stars are: Drew Barrymore (Her Smile), Priyanka Chopra (Her Acting), Shah Rukh Khan (aka SRK), Jim Carrey (His Timing), and Adam Sandler (His Humor).
  • I’m an introvert (Not Shy) guy who doesn’t drink and smoke.
  • I never used any Apple product and I bought my first smartphone in 2013.
  • I never use Tinder.
  • Recently I had LASIK eye surgery and now I don’t wear specs anymore. Yippee…

Huff… Enough about me! I’d love to know about your story. Drop your views here or connect with me on LinkedIn.