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Hi! I’m Pawan.


First off, THANK YOU for stopping by here. You’re welcome here. 🙂 

I’m a writer, storyteller, and marketer who’s addicted to food and reading books. I love writing about blogging, email marketing, writing, productivity, and business. I’m a simple guy just like YOU

I’m not someone who has hidden secrets or quick success formulas to make your business or your life successful. As I said, I’m just a normal guy who’s here to share his personal and work experiences that can help you to get some idea.

I’ll share actionable digital marketing strategies, writing ideas and expert interviews that you can implement easily.

Helpful stories and productivity ideas that I’ve learned from my own personal experience and reading books everyday.

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Do you have any questions? Or you want to share something. Drop me an email at pawan[at]prepawan[dot]com or say ‘hi’ on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

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