I Analyzed My 550+ Medium Posts. And Here’s What I Learned

Medium story

I analyzed my 550+ medium posts to better understand the world of Medium. And I uncovered some very interesting findings. Have you ever been frustrated with the response your stories get, this article can help you? I looked at the views. I looked at claps. I looked at the headings. I even looked at the […]

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Content Marketing Certification: Good Or Waste of Time?

content marketing certificate

Is content marketing certification a helpful way to learn content marketing on your own?  Or a complete waste of time?  In this guide, I’ll do a deep dive into content marketing certifications.  I’ll also suggest some of the most popular content marketing courses out there.  Let’s get started: Why Content Marketing Certifications Are Helpful In […]

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Emotional Marketing: The Definitive Guide

emotional marketing

How many of you remember the ”Unsung Hero” commercial from the Thai Insurance of 2014? This video has over 64million+ views and counting on Thai Insurance’s official YouTube channel. The advertisement became viral on social media and every time you watch that video, your faith in humanity restores. A lot of people could connect to […]

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How I Switched Jobs for a Higher Pay and Instantly Regretted It!

work experience

Have you ever come across an opportunity that was financially fulfilling?  Through our professional careers, we often find different opportunities knocking at our door. Some can be quite challenging, some not so appealing while others could be the ones we have always dreamt of achieving. A certain offer came through my mail a few years […]

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